Alinta Barnes

Alinta was lucky to be treated by osteopaths in her childhood, and remembers the first time she heard the story of the founding of osteopathy, and the holistic approach it represents… She was lying on a treatment table at Osteopathic Sense at the time! Many many years have past. Now Alinta is an osteopath herself with a long history of yoga practice, is a qualified yoga teacher, and spent several years teaching anatomy, physiology, and osteopathic courses at RMIT University.  The human body and the depths within have become a constant playground and realm of curiosity for her. 

Alinta has spent time practicing in New Zealand, India as well as Melbourne over the last 4 years. In India she worked in the hospital system and collaborated with orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists, doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses in caring for her patients. In 2016 she spent several months establishing and coordinating a new osteopathic clinic at SMRC hospital in Goa, India. 

Back in Melbourne now, she is keen to bring her patients treatment that best encompasses and considers all their individual lifestyle choices and needs. Therefore her role can include anything from teaching kids yoga, advising an increase in a bike seat height, or simply reminding people to breathe (you'd be surprised...)

Alinta continues to develop her skills and knowledge with an interest in osteopathy in the biodynamic field, ever keen to delve further into osteopathic practice and philosophy, that recognises the health and the whole of each person. 

It follows, that to bring things to full circle, she is now a highly regarded practitioner at Osteopathic Sense.


Alinta is at the Fitzroy clinic:

Tuesday - 8.30am - 1.30pm

Friday - 2.30pm - 7pm

Saturday - 8am - 2pm

Alinta Barnes


  • Osteopathy


  • B.HSc/B.App Sc (0steopathy) Registered Osteopath
  • Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association.
  • Qualified Yoga Instructor


  • Fitzroy